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TEDxEdwards AFB 2022

On April 22, 2022, TEDxEdwardsAFB 2022 hosed an event where 22 speakers within Edwards AFB and throughout the greater Aerospace Valley came together to “Inspire the Airmen of 2030 in Cyber, Space, and AI”. It was a tremendous success thanks to the over 130 who participated and volunteered with the TEDx Planning Committee, the organizing team, and especially the assistance from the 412th TW Innovation SparkED Team. They were able to host 800 aspiring airmen in-person and 1100 online on just the day of the event! They couldn’t of done it without everyone’s help.

The beauty of TED is in how timeless many of the speaker’s talks are. This is an exciting thought as they firmly believe that all of these remarkable speakers assisted in capturing the excitement, passions, and pride that contribute to what makes Edwards AFB The Center of the Aerospace Testing Universe (TCotATU). By successfully demystifying the many innovative things that are going on throughout the aerospace universe, current and future generations are now able to leverage these talks as a potential guide and/or North Star in navigating their education and future career goals.

Here is a link to an unlisted TEDx Playlist of every single speaker: