Antelope Valley School District

Academic Decathalon

This page is dedicated to the current, former, and future PHS academic decathlon teams. We are proud to say that our PHS Decathletes are once again the Golden League champs thanks to the outstanding efforts of some of our best and brightest students and an extremely talented and dedicated coaches.

What is the Academic Decathlon?

The Academic Decathlon is a yearly battle of the brains where teams of nine compete in both written and oral events. Academic versatility is stressed as each high school enters a team of nine students: 3 "A" or Honor students, 3 "B" or Scholastic students, and 3 "C" or Varsity students. Decathletes take 30 minute multiple choice tests in the following:

  • Economics
  • Art
  • Music
  • Language and Literature
  • Math
  • Science and Social Science

Additionally, each participant gives both a planned and unplanned speech, writes an essay and interviews. The culminating event is the Super Quiz Oral Relay, the only part of the competition open to the public. The first round of competition begins with a scrimmage in November followed by a county contest in February. Winners of the county decathlon then compete against other county winners in a state competition held in mid-March. The state winner then represents California in the USAD Nationals in late April.

Participation in the decathlon not only helps a student become more well-rounded, but also provides the individual with a variety of skills applicable in college as well as the "real world." For more information on the competition, please visit the official United States Academic Decathlon (USAD) website.

If you or anyone you know is interested in joining Palmdale's team, please contact S. Jefferson in Room 413 or email