Antelope Valley School District

Safety Message

With the beginning of a new school year underway, we want our community to be aware of our continued commitment to safety which includes multiple, proactive approaches to fortifying security throughout our school.

At Palmdale High School, we have a controlled entry point at the front desk and IDs are checked at all entrances when students arrive in the morning. We have peremimeter and gate checks throughout the course of the day, with an increased level of monitoring in the P.E. area, softball field, baseball field and practice fields. The vehicle access at the rear of the campus is no longer accessible to students. Campus supervisors, administrators and our school resource officer are highly visible throughout the day. Our Student Support Center is leveraged as a centralized location to implement a multi-tiered system of supports including the social and emotional well-being of our students.  

Across the Antelope Valley Union High School District

In April and June 2018, the AVUHSD conducted safety reviews of its campuses that resulted in the implementation of enhanced safety measures. These measures vary by school and include enhanced fencing, additional security and counseling personnel, updated surveillance cameras, front entrance modifications, and door locking devices. The District also incorporated additional training with the Lancaster Sheriff’s Station and revised student, staff and visitor identification processes.

For more than 25 years, the AVUHSD has had a dedicated school deputy on campus each day. In addition to this, the District continues to focus on students’ social emotional needs through various programs and counseling outreach, provides safety training to students and staff, and underscores the importance of vigilance through “See Something, Say Something.”

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